Pure Honey 454g from Bees Fed on Lavender

Pure Honey 454g from Bees Fed on Lavender

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Our Honey is 100% Pure Honey
No heating or blending, simply strained and poured into jars.


Our dark Lavender honey has a very unique, distinct and sweet wholesome flavour, full of natural health giving properties like no other honey in Suffolk. Honourably taken from our hives in summer whilst our honey bees are busy, gourging themselves on the pure nectar of our organic lavender plants 'Munstead'.


  • Can aid in the prevention of allergies
  • All time great for colds and coughs and sore throats and sinutitis
  • Soothing and healing when spread neat on wounds, ulcers and sores
  • A great winter tonic added to lemon and ginger hot drinks
  • Calming for those suffering with High Blood Pressure
  • A complete nutritional boost summer or winter.

Honey has natural antiseptic and antibiotic qualities with 181 unique constituents to aid health and well being, collected from raw natural materials of nectar and pollen by honey bees and converted into delicious nutritional honey, ready to eat or use direct from the jar.




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