Lavender (Grosso) 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Bouquets of Energetic Violet-Blue Flowers
Captured and Bottled in the Last Days of Summer for a Robust and Aromatic Scent.


This stunning Hybrid Lavandin 'Lavandula Angustifolia X Intermedia Grosso' plant is the most popular of all the Lavandins for distillation, and similar in medicinal properties to that of a True English Lavender.


This Lavender essential oil can be used for:

  • Its antiseptic quality to cleanse and counteract the effects from abscesses, sores, acne, athletes or trench foot, skin infections, insect bites or stings.
  • Eliminating, with the aid of lavenders anti-microbial agents for coughs, colds, flu, throat or ear infections.
  • Aiding the relief from the pain of lumbago, rheumatism and sprains and reducing inflammation.
  • Lavenders antispasmodic action to relax and relieve stomach pains, colic and asthma.
  • Preventing and eliminating parasites, head lice or ringworm.
  • A tonic acting upon the nervous system uplifting and relaxing, aiding restful sleep, relieving stress, migraine, headache and vertigo.


Do not use: if you suffer with psoriaisis or directly on the skin without dilution.

If using for insomnia 1 drop only, any more may create headaches or being awake all night.

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