Cultivating, distilling and producing organic Lavender for aromatic
scents and powerful natural health benefits.


Our aim is to promote health benefits by capturing the scent of summer with Lavenders powerful medicinal properties
whether it is with essential oil, buds, bouquets or even our new special event day you can book now to spend here at the farm, surrounded by a sea of purple and aromatic scent.


We are in the process of building this web site to enable purchasing our products online. Your patience and visits to our site, as we update with the many other products we have to delight your senses, body and mind,with soaps, creams, essential oil blends and our delicious honey, made by the bees living here on the farm.


Feel free to contact us about purchasing or questions about any products we may have or booking your special event.

Dried Lavender 'Grosso' Bouquet

£5.00 / unit(s) *
In stock

Fresh Lavender 'Grosso' Bouquet

£5.00 / unit(s) *
1 unit(s) = £0.03

Lavender 'Grosso' Buds

from £5.70 / pack(s) *
In stock

Pure Honey 454g from Bees Fed on Lavender

£14.00 / 454 g *
In stock

Hand Made Soap 100g Bar

£5.00 *
In stock

Keeping it Simple Moisturiser

£9.00 / 35 g *
In stock

Lavender (Munstead) 100% Pure Essential Oil

from £10.00 / bottle(s) *
In stock

Lavender (Grosso) 100% Pure Essential Oil

from £5.00 / bottle(s) *
In stock
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